2018 Risk Assessments

There are seven weeks left for 2018! What would the auditors find if your practice had an ePHI breach & showed up at your door to investigate?  The fines & penalties can be steep & could include jail time!   

It could be something as simple as:

  • Your system was hacked & data stolen
  • Phishing Attack

o   90% of breaches occur via Phishing

o   User opens a malicious email

  • Lost or stolen laptop

o   Collective $1.9 million due to unencrypted stolen laptops for 2 organizations

  • Lost or stolen flash drive

o   $150,00.00 penalty for lost flash drive, no risk assessment or policies in place

  • Lost or stolen backup media
  • Staff browsing medical records of patients, colleagues, high profile patients & those in public office, not related to or having the need to in doing their job

What would the auditors find? 

  • Do you have an assessment on file?

o   Did you perform quarterly reviews?

  • Are your Business Associates Agreements (BAA) up to date?
  • Have you had a penetration test?
  • How robust is your backup system?

o   Are you confident that you can quickly recover your systems?

  • Do you have appropriate policies and procedures in place?

o   Have you reviewed your policies & procedures

o   MDTS offers a library of essential polices & procedures

  • Did you adequately train your staff and provide ongoing education?

o   Most breaches occur due to under-educated or un-educated staff!

o   MDTS offers a library of quarterly or monthly newsletters, charts & posters

  • Can you show evidence to support you do what you say you’re are doing?

MD Technology Services, LLC is pleased to provide Comprehensive Privacy and Risk Assessments & Network Penetration testing.  We’re also available to perform follow ups for previous assessments.   Site Surveys, Policy and Procedure wellness reviews for healthcare organizations to help place you in a better position in the event you do get audited.    Educational & training materials.  We also offer the Essential Privacy & Risk Assessment for smaller practices starting at $500.00.

Let us lend you a friendly helping hand!  You may visit our website at: www.mdtsllc.com for the full range of services we can provide!   For additional information please email: info@mdtsllc.com or call 773 482 2005.