Athena Health infrastructure project

MD Technology Services, LLC is pleased to share the news about our third Athena health infrastructure project that was accomplished in roughly 12 weeks from start to finish that involved 8 clinics and administrative office at 7 locations, plus a co-location facility for their infrastructure. An ideal timeframe would have allowed for a 24-week window to allow for ordering and installing fiber connectivity to all 7 sites. But it was accomplished with backup AT&T connections by the end of January. We are always up for a challenge!

The original plan was to set up the main network closet at the admin office, but the power, cooling and emergency power would be a challenge. One of our partner organizations suggested setting up all of the main infrastructure in a co-location facility in the north-west suburbs. It was a wise move from a business continuity perspective.

Their previous IT provider wasn’t willing to provide administrative access to equipment owned by the client, so they decided to upgrade/replace practically everything. At the same time, they were due for an upgrade for new & faster equipment. It was a win/win.

  • Co-loc Data Center
    • Emergency Power
    • Filtered Power
    • Adequate Cooling
    • Different Power Grid at a suburban location
  • Private network/firewall
    • CISCO switches
    • Comcast fiber connectivity
    • AT&T U-verse backup
    • New WAP’s
    • Domain setup
    • Web filtering
  • Redundant virtualized HP servers
    • Exchange
    • MS Office/email
    • Networked File Shares
  • HP Storage solution
  • datto backup solution
    • backups every 4 hours
    • 4 weeks local storage retention
    • 365 days cloud storage retention
  • Anti Virus
  • 120 Lenovo Tiny Desktops
    • Some Tiny In One Monitors
  • 14 Lenovo laptops
  • New phone system
  • Help Desk Support