Spyware & Phishing & Malware Oh My

90%+ of breaches start with a Phishing attack! Many virus infections and scams go hand in hand, working with a team of a three-headed dragon called Spyware & Phishing & Malware. Oh My!

They can start off innocently and friendly…Until you click on that embedded link or download a file.

Think Before YOU Click!

  • It can start with Spyware to steal your personal information, such as your email address or address book
  • Which can lead to a Phishing attempt to lure you or others into clicking or downloading a file
    • Just delete an email if you don’t recognize the sender
  • Then once successful, Malware that can lead to spreading
    • Confidential information breach
    • Identity theft
    • Virus’
    • Ransomware

If it doesn’t feel right, delete it! When in doubt, just don’t CLICK on it!

  • Do you have an assessment on file?
  • Do you have appropriate policies and procedures in place?
    • MDTS offers a library of essential polices & procedures
  • Did you adequately train your staff and provide ongoing education?
    • MDTS offers a library of quarterly or monthly newsletters, charts & posters
  • Can you show evidence to support you do what you say you’re are doing?