PCI/DSS Vulnerability Assessment’s

MD Technology Services, LLC 

PCI/DSS Vulnerability Assessment’s

Payment Card Industry & Data Security Standards

Does your organization accept credit or debit cards for payments? The Payment Card Industry & the Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) requires these businesses to conduct annual & quarterly vulnerability assessments. They also need to perform another assessment following any major updates or changes. A PCI assessment is an audit for validating compliance with the PCI/DSS, a set of security standards for businesses who accept, process, store or transmit credit card information.

These requirements include:

·       Build and maintain Secure Networks

·       Protect Card Holder Information

·       Maintain a vulnerability management program

·       Implement strong access control measures

·       Regular monitoring & testing of networks

·       Maintain an information security procedure

MD Technology Services, LLC is prepared to affordably assist your organization by performing your PCI/DSS vulnerability risk assessment with an annual risk assessment and quarterly scans to help assure of your compliance. Please contact us for more information at 773-482-2005 or via email info@mdtsllc.com.