Hardware / Software Sales & Installation

MD Technologies Services realizes that not all businesses operate alike. Therefore, we offer technology and network support that fits your business goals and budget as you need it. MD Technology Services will be your on-call network consultant or we will support your existing staff. Whether it’s simply adding another workstation to your network or supporting your staff during an operating system installation, MD Technology Services is here to help. Some of our hardware/software installation and support services include:

Workstation Installation/Upgrade
We will install new workstations and/or upgrade existing workstations with minimum work interruption and maximum user satisfaction.
Operating Systems Installation/Upgrade

We will install a new operating system on servers or new machines, upgrade to a new version, or migrate to a new platform altogether.

Application Software Installation/Upgrade

We will install and configure application software on servers or workstations, upgrades to new versions, or migrate to other platforms as well.

Peripheral Hardware Installation/Upgrade

We will install and upgrade all types of printers, scanners, and other peripheral equipment as you need.